Heat in Ukraine. Will sunseed production decline?


Yulia Garkavenkois an oilseed and vegoil market leading expert of "UkrAgroConsult"

As we approach a new sunseed season, market attention is focused on production estimates in 2016. In particular, USDA believes that sunflower seed harvest in Ukraine will reach 13 MMT. Other experts concern about sunflower plants conditions because of heat and take a dim view of such a high production. They estimate sunseed crop to reach 12.5-12.7 MMT.

Indeed, dry and hot weather was observed last week in Ukraine. The average air temperature reached +35°C in some regions of Ukraine. And on Sunday, July 17, the temperature increased to 39-40°C in some places.

weather temperature ukraine

Although sunflower is considered to be a drought resistant crop, heat over 30°C has a negative impact on its conditions. And if the heat comes during the flowering stage, it may significantly damage harvest, as it was in the 2012/13 season.

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