Ukraine. High yields of winter and spring crops still possible despite April’s poor weather


The sharp cold spell that replaced abnormally warm March and April 1-10 weather substantially influenced crop growth and development – this particularly concerns early spring crops.

Winter cereals are in good and fair condition. Winter wheat sown after black fallow before September 25 has reached stalk-shooting. At the beginning of this stage are crops planted after non-fallow predecessors at latest on September 20. Such plantings will come into the stem elongation stage at latest on April 30, i.e. generally at normal time.

Most sowings of early spring cereals – barley, oats, wheat and peas – are now at the stages of emergence and early tillering (plant height at 10-15 cm). Pea sowings are at the emergence and early branching stages (plant height at 3-8 cm).

The upside is that crops are provided with moisture and, once optimum temperatures set in, the plants will be able to improve growth, development and generate high yields. However, this cold spell may result in a 5-7-day delay in normal development of winter and spring spiked cereals, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Thus, all plantings of spring and winter crops still retain potential for high productivity.

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