If Trump goes protectionist against China, Brazil and Argentina would benefit

Most analysts agree that in an eventual protectionist wave of the next president of the United States, Donald Trump, China could react by putting import taxes on U.S. grain or just not buying so much U.S. corning, seeking another suppliers such as Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Dave Holloway, a trader from the state of Michigan, it could be a problem for the United States if Trump confirms this policy. As candidate, he mentioned a possibility of 35 percent tariff on Chinese products, which was later denied.
“If Trump puts in practice this fight, the prices would increase and three countries [China, Japan and Mexico] would go to Brazil. We are not the only store in town. The Chinese would be happy to help the Brazilian infrastructure,” affirmed Holloway.
For Darin Fessler, a broker from Lincoln, Nebraska, says that “only time will tell about the ability of Trump to negotiate with China or Japan. I think there could be some good changes made to the manufacturing sector and currency side of things,” Fessler told AgroSouth News.
Corroborating with these opinions, Brazilian market analyst Antonio Sartori from BrasilAgro says that is more likely that Trump goes with complaints to the World Trade Organization against China, but that could suffer retaliation too. “China has spent US$ 100 billion with subsidies for corn, wheat and rice growers and this is out of the rules, “concludes Sartori.

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