IMF requirement can accelerate Ukrspyrt privatization, says Minister Kutovyi

The requirement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding the law on de-monopolization of alcohol industry can accelerate the process of state-run enterprise Ukrspyrt privatization. 
Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Kutovyi stated this in an interview, when commenting on possible dates of Ukrspyrt privatization, the Agrarian Policy Ministry’s press service reports.
"There is an IMF requirement so that the law on privatization and de-monopolization of the industry is voted in the legislative package foreseen under the cooperation program with the IMF. This gives hope that the law will be put on the agenda of [the Verkhovna] Rada rather quickly,” Kutovyi said.
The Minister noted that several times there were plans to submit this law for parliament’s consideration but this issue never gathered more than 200 votes. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to say exactly when Ukrspyrt would be privatized, the minister said.

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