Imported meats dominate Cambodian market


Cambodians spent over USD 100 million on imported meats (pork, beef and chicken meat) last year, further widening the gap of domestic supply. Lor Reaksmey, spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, said Cambodia’s heavy dependence on imports to supply the 280,000 tonnes of meat consumed in the Kingdom last year was a missed potential for domestic production.

“If we could meet the demand locally, it would add significant revenue to our local businesses,” he said. According to the ministry’s figures, domestic supply of buffalo was 520,000 heads last year, a 6% decrease over 2015. Meanwhile, the Kingdom recorded 2.9 million heads of cattle, a 3% decrease, while pig farming increased by 2.9%. Mr Reaksmey added, despite sufficient stock to cover domestic demand, only 1.3 million livestock were slaughtered last year.


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