In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine significantly increased the exports of flour to Africa and the Middle East


In 2016/17 MY the export volumes of Ukrainian flour to African countries and the Middle East significantly increased.

It is worth noting the increase in purchases by such countries as Somalia, which imported more than 30 thsd tonnes in July-May of 2016/17 MY, against 1.8 thsd tonnes in the whole previous season; Angola - over 28 thsd tonnes, against 7.6 thsd tonnes; the United Arab Emirates - almost 23 thsd tonnes, against 3.3 thsd tonnes; and Lebanon - over 6.2 thsd tonnes, against 1.6 thsd tonnes.

As for the qualitative indices of flour products, most Ukrainian grain processors operating on the export market, noted that the figures mainly satisfied the requirements of major importers. At the same time, Turkey remained the main competitor of Ukraine in the market sector, and during many years the country successfully developed its position in the rating of global exporters of flour products. To date, Ukraine is losing to Turkey in both quality of flour and pricing policy.



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