In Armenia in January-August production of agricultural products decreased by 9%


The gross output of agriculture and fisheries in Armenia in January-August this year amounted to 476,4 billion drams, which is lower than in the same period by 9.1%

This is with reference to these netstatlive RA Minister of agriculture Ignatius Arakelyan, announced October 11 IA the arch. "I don't want to say what caused the decline, as agriculture is a shared system that includes crop, livestock, exports, procurement, processing, and abrupt changes in one of the segments to comment on the overall impact on the industry would be wrong. We will summarise the results on an annual basis and, accordingly, present study on recession", – said I. Arakelyan.

According to the Minister, there are a number of problems affecting the situation: problems with irrigation, pricing, low productivity and sales, as well as freezing and other factors that affect the statistics.

"We have already initiated a number of programmes in the field of agriculture, which within the next 2-3 years will greatly improve the situation", – said the Minister, stressing that we are talking about subsidy programs of lending, leasing and other projects in the agricultural sphere.


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