In Australia Mackay Sugar prematurely completes sugarcane processing


Mackay Sugar's crushing will end Thursday night after wet weather forced a premature end to the season.

It is reported by Daily Mercury.

Marian Mill is the last of Mackay Sugar's three mills still crushing but it is no longer able to process the 12,000 tonnes a day required to remain viable.

«It is not economically viable to hold the mill open in the hope that the weather conditions improve, and as of Thursday we will have sustained five days with less than 12,000 tonnes supply», — Mackay Sugar chief executive officer Jason Lowry wrote to growers.

By Tuesday afternoon 138 harvesting groups had finished for the year, many confirming they couldn't fill bins due to wet weather.

This affected the mill, with just 3000 tonnes of the estimated 7600 tonnes expected at Marian Mill arriving on Wednesday morning.

Growers still harvesting will have to have their last bins at the siding by 7pm on Thursday.

Weather conditions have not allowed for economical processing of the remaining cane. Mackay Sugar doesn't make this decision lightly, and will have an obligation to conserve funds to achieve the best possible performance for next years' crop.


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