In Australia predict a rise in prices for cattle in 2017


The cattle producers of the Australian state of Queensland is calculated to improve the situation on the market of livestock in the current year, although do not rule out the emergence of some difficulties in the sector

This year the number of cattle in Queensland, is expected to be the smallest since 1993 and will amount, in total, 25.9 million heads.

Basically, the reduction of livestock was the result of many years of drought. But the lack of inventory of cattle does not diminish the optimism of producers who predict that the price of cattle will rise due to the reduction of livestock.

However, some experts believe that the market for breeders this year will be tougher, because many exporters are now showing increased interest in purchasing cows and heifers.

According to the participants of the sector, this will have an impact on the market in the North, because many Northern growers are now involved in the restoration of the livestock population, and the demand for cows and heifers to the domestic market increases


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