In China, the brewing crisis in agriculture


Many agricultural regions of China on the brink of crisis due to crop failure, falling prices for grains failed experiments and breeders.

Difficult situation, particularly in the "Northern granary" of China – Heilongjiang province. There's corn yield this year fell by one – third from 97 to 60 quintals per hectare.

In the southern Jiangxi province both rice yield was lower by 30% compared to last year. The first crop affected by floods, the second by drought. Even more complicated the situation the fall in the price of rice, which has been declining for two consecutive years, beginning 2016 – "screened" by 4.96%.

A similar situation in Anhui province, but they have to withstand the pressure of many farmers simply can not, as in the previous year failed experiment on the cultivation of regular varieties of hybrid rice. Many farmers, instead of the expected 75 quintals per hectare was collected 7.5, some nothing at all grew, writes China Daily.

Many farmers are without pay, while others suffer losses, others are forced to quit farming and join the ranks of migrant workers who go to cities for work. Observers do not rule out the rapid growth of the army Chinese "guest workers" in the coming year, which could create additional risks for social stability. At the beginning of 2016 in China, there were 277,5 million migrant workers


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