In four regions of Ukraine have detected ASF outbreaks


With the beginning of the year new cases of African swine fever was detected in pig farms in the Odessa, Kirovograd and Nikolaev regions of Ukraine, and also in the Luhansk region (LNR), said the state foods and consumer service.

January 6, the source of the disease was recorded at the farm of a military unit in the Starobelsk district, Luhansk region. Here were slaughtered 2 pigs with symptoms of the disease. In the Nikolaev area on the same day found Achs have 8 dead pigs. Animals were kept at the enterprise "CHSP them. Suvorov" prybuzhzhia in the village of the Domanevsky area, just where they 277 goals. January 7, a new outbreak occurred in the Kirovograd region. The farm to them.Chapaev village Exactly the Novoukrainka district, the disease killed over 50 pigs of about 2 thousand heads. The biggest case this year recorded on January 9 in Odessa region. In the village of Yaroslavka Sergatskova area on the pig farm built on the site of the former cattle farm, killed half of the herd of 70 animals.

Also at the end of 2016, the office reported cases of swine plague in Odessa, Zakarpattia and Poltava regions.

Just from 2012 to 2016 in Ukraine were 135 of ASF outbreaks, 80 of them last year alone.


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