In Poland last year was a "record" for Achs


In the last 12 months have been over 100 cases of the disease in wild boars and 20 plague outbreaks in herds of pigs. Since the beginning of the emergence of the virus in the country (in February 2014) total identified 168 cases of the disease in wild boars and 23 outbreaks of ASF in pigs.

This year Main veterinary Inspectorate confirmed another seven cases of ASF in wild boars. At this time, most of them identified in the Lubelskie and Podlaskie voivodeships. ASF detected in dead wild boars found in the settlements located not further than 17 km from the border with Belarus.

Last year was a record in terms of confirmed cases of African swine fever among wild boars and pigs. According to the latest data, during the past 12 months, the boars, the disease was confirmed 101 times. To this must be added 20 outbreaks in herds of pigs, which from June to September were detected on the territory of Podlasie, Lublin and Mazovian voivodeships.

The situation with the continuing epidemic of African swine fever and the emergence of bird flu in Poland, according to analysts, is a huge threat to the industry and particularly for export of meat and meat products. Despite the fact that the export of pork and poultry is still increasing, the presence of viral diseases may be the cause of his restrictions. This, in turn, will have an adverse impact on the national market and will lead to a drop in meat prices, which hit both the farmers and processors.

Peter Zeman of the Association of butchers and meat processors of Poland considers that the situation in the industry is very difficult. According to preliminary estimates, 15-30 percent of the meat will be "blocked" due to restrictions in trade with products from the quarantine areas. This will cause price fluctuations and a trading game networks against processors.

"The problem of the virus not able to resolve for three years, bird flu is a relatively new threat. To do this, we need urgent and radical steps", — said the expert.

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