In Russia increased production of cheese and cheese products


550 thousand tons of cheese and cheese products produced by enterprises of the Russian Federation from January to November 2016, according to Rosstat, which is 2,3% more than in the same period last year.

Condensed dairy products from January to November in Russia has made 764 million conditional jars (+1.7% compared to the year 2015). Production of liquid processed milk in the country amounted to 5 million tons (+1.2 per cent).

In November production volumes of milk products decreased compared with October, according to the materials of Rosstat. Thus, the production of cheese and cheese products in November decreased by 6.3% in comparison with October. Production of processed liquid milk decreased by 0.6%, and condensed milk products by 1.2%.

In General, the index of industrial production in Russia in January-November 2016. in comparison with January-November 2015. amounted to 100.8%, in November 2016. compared to November 2015. – 102,7%, compared to October 2016. – 102,7%


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