In Russia the production of dairy products increased by 4% from 2013


In 2013-2017, the production of dairy products in Russia grew by 4% and reached 11.1 million tons In the structure of production was dominated by milk and cream

According to "Analysis of the dairy industry in Russia", prepared Businesstat in 2018, from 2013 to 2017 dairy production in the country increased by almost 0.5 million tonnes, or 4%. In 2017, the production volume of dairy products amounted to 11,136 million tons Despite the fact that in 2014 it was imposed food embargo and imports declined, significant growth of domestic production of dairy products this was not followed. In connection with the weakening of the ruble increased the cost of production of dairy products and retail prices is considerably restricted the decreased purchasing power of the population. In such circumstances, credit resources were inaccessible for producers.

In addition, restrictions on the growth in production volumes puts the deficit of the resource base – the number of cows shows an annual decrease, and it inhibits the growth of production volumes of raw milk. Amid all these factors, the industry remains competition from imported products, especially in Belarus. In this regard, in the 2015-2017 biennium the growth in dairy production was only 15%, and in 2017 and is slowed down to 0.2%.

Among the main groups of dairy products the most significant share in the production of milk and cream and milk products. In 2017 the share of milk and cream accounted for 51.4% of the total produced in Russia of dairy products, the share of dairy products for 28.1%.

It is assumed that in 2018-2022 years in the production of the dairy industry will annually grow. It is expected that in 2022 the volume of production of dairy products in Russia will amount to 11 666,7 thousand tons.


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