In the port of Novorossiysk banned the import of oranges from Turkey


The reason for the ban on imports was discovered in fruits and Mediterranean fruit fly.

In the sea port of Novorossiysk in the implementation of quarantine phytosanitary control specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor administration for Krasnodar Krai and Republic of Adygea in the party of tangerines from Turkey weighing more than 23 tons have been identified in the living state, a quarantine object for the Russian Federation – the Mediterranean fruit fly. As reports a press-management service, the whole party banned in Russia.

This InfoObject confirmed by the conclusion about quarantine phytosanitary state of quarantine products INSTITUTION "Krasnodar interregional veterinary laboratory".

This year's first case of detection of the Mediterranean fruit fly party in Mandarin. In accordance with the rules and norms of ensuring plant quarantine to prevent spread of quarantine objects in the territory of the Russian Federation the whole party Mandarin was banned in the country


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