In the world, discovered 378 lesions of animal diseases from 17 to 23 December 2016


Foot and mouth disease on the territory of Russia was registered in c. Kaylastuy, Krasnokamensk district, TRANS-Baikal territory. Sick animals detected in several smallholders. In a dysfunctional paragraph contains 871 head of cattle, 164 head of small cattle, 235 pigs. Clinical signs in cattle (ill 24 head).

Over the past week in Russia has been revealed 6 lesions of African swine fever. In the Republic of Chuvashia (3 focus), Vladimir (1) and Lipetsk (1) the disease was howling detected in wild boars, in the Saratov region (1) – domestic animals.

The hearth of highly pathogenic avian influenza (vphp) was in V. Cheburgolskoye, Krasnoarmeyskiy district, Krasnodar region. Flash was in the PSF, which was 86 chickens, which got sick and fell 74.

African swine fever detected in Poland (5) Ukraine (2).

During this period, veterinary services, 13 countries reported to the OIE of outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza: Germany (8) Iran (4) Nigeria (1), Netherlands (14), Poland (3) Romania (2), Serbia (3), Ukraine (3) Finland (2) France (24), Switzerland (1), Sweden (3) Japan (2). The disease also was detected in the previously prosperous Britain (1). Laboratornogo outbreaks of bird flu recorded in France (10).

In Italy (27), Cyprus (3) France (247) newly identified foci of bluetongue. Nodular dermatitis were recorded in Greece (2).

The veterinary service of the Slovak Republic reported to the OIE about the outbreak of equine infectious anemia (1). Lesion of anthrax registered in Tanzania (1).


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