In Ukraine, discovered two new plague of pigs


In Kirovohrad and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine recorded two new cases of African swine fever (ASF)

In the Kirovohrad and Kharkiv oblasts 14 March 2017 in the hole "Volovik" of the Golovanevsky forest area and on the territory of NNP "Gomolshanskie forest" recorded the death of the wild boar, writes with reference to the website of Gospodarevskaya.

In the study of samples of biological material the diagnosis of African swine fever (ASF).

Earlier it was reported that, taking into account the dynamics of disease spread from 2014 to 2017, before the end of this year we can expect 150-200 cases of ASF. It said the Chairman of agrarian Committee of Parliament Oleksandr Bakumenko.


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