India. A record production of Fruits & Vegetables this year


For the 5th consecutive year, India's horticultural production will exceed in volume (295 million tons) the cereal production (273 million tons), reaching the highest level ever recorded.
On the basis of information provided by the Member States and territories of the Union, the Ministry of Agriculture has published its production estimates. Fruits & Vegetables will total 295 million tonnes for the 2016-17 season. Either a production increase of 3.2% compared to 2015-2016.
Fruit production is estimated at 93 million tons (+ 2.9% compared to 2015-16) and vegetable production at 175 million tons (+ 3.5%). Most vegetables will see volume increases, particularly onions (+ 3% with 21.6 million tons) and potatoes (+ 7.2% to 46.5 million tons).
This year's high output is attributed to the good monsoon of 2016.


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