India. Delay in wheat harvesting rapped


The Punjab government has deliberately delayed wheat procurement by two weeks, said a farmer who came to wheat procurement centre for getting gunny bags.

He said the wheat harvesting had to start two weeks ago but Punjab government announced 27 April as date for receiving applications for issuance of gunny bags. The delay has knocked out the small farmers and created hardships for them. Besides, Punjab Food Department has fixed the limit of issuance of 10 bags per acre of wheat and 10 bags for small farmers to sell their extra wheat produce. The condition has further demoralised the farmers.

One other farmer Naveed Kadhar said claims of the government that it is farmers-friendly are false. The government wheat procurement policy is not fair, he said. It is forcing farmers to sell the wheat in open market at the rates of traders’ choice. Farmers who had come in large numbers and gathered at Food Department Procurement Centre Mandi Bahauddin. They waited to submit an applications for gunny bags in scorching heat. They said the Food Department was not following the proper procedure for issuance of gunny bags and the influential and big land holders were being given priority to the small farmers in procurement of wheat.

They demanded government lift condition of providing 10 bags per acre and small farmers. The farmers were asked to be allowed to sell their extra wheat at procurement centres, they appealed to the Government.


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