India. Farmer cultivating bio-sugarcane for bio-sugar


Awareness among farming community to opt for organic cultivation practices has been on the rise.

A farmer of Peruvalappur near Lalgudi, V. Padmanabhan, has been cultivating “bio-sugarcane” for producing bio-sugar. The farmer has raised it on about three acres and has been adopting bio-cultivation techniques.

“Excess application of chemical fertilizer in the past has caused more harm than good to the soil. I have been resorting to bio-cultivation for the past three years. Of course, during the first two years I could not realise much returns, as it needed some time for the earth in regaining the soil texture.”

Interestingly, he is more often guided by his son, P. Sampathkumar — also a bio-farmer, in ascertaining the pattern of the crop while adopting the bio-cultivation technique.

Mr. Padmanabhan said that he had planned to extract sugar from this bio-sugarcane. “I have planned to take the crop to Vilankudi near Sendurai in Ariyalur district where the sugarcane would be crushed on conventional methods for extraction of sugar,” he said.

The bio-sugar brings an attractive price and he is confident of realising adequate returns from his bio-sugarcane.


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