India to extend the MBR fumigation decision on imported cargo


India's decision on insisting methyl bromide fumigation of imported cargo at the origin is set to extend for a few more months which will be a huge relief to Canada and Australia who are the major suppliers of Pulses to India. This decision was taken after receiving several complaints from the traders and also from the supplying countries. Indian importers feared that fumigation will restrict large amount of Pulses imports to the country.

India's s Pulses import for 2016-17 is estimated at 5 million tons which is 0.2 million tons higher than last year.India insisted MBR fumigation in order to kill the quarantine pests now the government is planning to find an equally effective alternative to replace fumigation.The decision to insist fumigation was introduced by India on the back of record Pulses production of 22.1 million tons in the 2016-17 crop year compared to 16.4 million tons last year.


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