Indonesia encourages export of poultry products


Following the success of Sierad Produce and Charoen Pokphand Indonesia in exporting poultry products, Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture is encouraging other poultry producers to export their products. Andi Amran Sulaiman, Agriculture Minister, said the ministry has made several regulations to help poultry producers raise the quality of their products through better animal welfare standards and compartment-based avian influenza free certification. According to Mr Sulaiman, Indonesia has an oversupply currently.

Export initiatives are important to stabilise poultry prices locally. Based on the Ministry of Agriculture data, in 2017 the population of broiler, layer and native chicken in Indonesia reached 1.69 billion, 166.72 million and 310.52 million birds, respectively. Meanwhile, per capita consumption of chicken meat and eggs in the same year were 11.50 kg and 6.53 kg, respectively.


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