Indonesia expects lower feeder beef cattle imports


Indonesia’s Beef Cattle Businessmen’s Association (Gapuspindo) predicts the country’s import of feeder beef cattle this year will decrease by 30-40% from last year’s 480,000 heads. As of June 1, the country has imported 164,042 heads from Australia. Didiek Purwanto, Vice Chairman of Gapuspindo, pointed the 5:1 import scheme where for every five feeder cattle imported, importers must also import one breeder cattle, as the main cause. “By importing breeder cattle, feedlot capacity will reduce. Due to the 5:1 import scheme, five of Gapuspindo’s 39 members have exited their business while others have reduced imports,” he explained.

Mr Purwanto added that currently Gapuspindo members have a total cattle stock of 161,784 heads. “This means for the next three months we are only able to supply 50,000-60,000 heads per month to the market.”


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