Indonesia. Gov`t Targets to Export 100,000 Tons of Rice


An Expert Staff to the Agriculture Ministry at the trade and international relations sector, Mat Syukur, stated that the government targets this year’s rice export to reach 100,000 tons. This move is a part of the Ministry’s attempt in becoming the world's rice barn. “This year’s export should be at least 100,000 tons, coinciding with the [Agriculture] Minister’s request,” Syukur said on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. Syukur reassured the public that the Government’s goal would not affect the national rice stock. Moreover, Indonesia is currently undergoing a rice surplus, which makes him optimistic that the rice export goal will not disturb domestic demands.

He stated that state official predicts this year’s unhulled rice production would reach 78 million tons or 40 million tons of rice. If it succeeds, the number is enough to fulfill domestic needs. “This is a part of our roadmap as the world’s rice barn in 2045.” In order to increase rice production, Syukur stated that the Ministry has prepared a number of programs such as adding 3 million hectares of irrigation land. The government will also provide a number of tractors for the farms with limited amount of workers. Syukur also revealed that farmers who endure crop failures will be compensated by the insurance up to Rp6 million per hectare. “80 percent of the [insurance] premium will be covered by the Government,” he said.


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