Indonesia is interested in expanding imports of pork


In the chamber of Commerce reported that local production is unable to cope with growing demand

Indonesia is interested in importing pork from a number of countries, since local production is unable to cope with growing demand. This was stated on Thursday by the head of the food Department of the chamber of Commerce of the country, Thomas Darmawan.

"We know about the interest of large producers to supply products to our market, first and foremost, we are talking about Russia, Belgium, Germany and Slovakia", - quotes the newspaper the Straits Times remarks Darmawan. According to him, "over the past 15 years the government did not give support to local producers of pork, in connection with which there is a certain stagnation".

As noted by head of the Department of veterinary public health of Ministry of agriculture Syamsul Marif, "Indonesia is an open state to supply pork". According to him, in the near future the authorities intend to simplify the procedure for obtaining a license to trade food for foreign companies.

According to the national Association of manufacturers of pork, production volumes in this year will grow by 20% and will amount to 4.2 million tonnes, a record breaking figure for the last 25 years.

Despite the fact that Indonesia is predominantly a Muslim country, living there 260 million people, almost 13% do not practice Islam.


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