Indonesia lifts restriction on imports of secondary cuts, offal


Indonesia has lifted a 21-month restriction on imported rump and chuck steak, in addition to edible offal — including liver, heart, feet and lungs — in a move towards reopening a market worth at least USD 42 million to Australian exporters. The lifting of the blanket restriction, which Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said will benefit farmers and meat processors, follows the resumption of talks earlier this year towards negotiating a free trade deal between Australia and Indonesia.

Mr Joyce said the Indonesian decision will restore certainty to rural communities, noting that Australian producers shipped almost 20,000 tonnes of secondary beef cuts to Indonesia in 2014, representing a USD 42 million share of the total boxed beef trade with Indonesia of USD 327 million. Mr Joyce added that Indonesian demand for protein will continue to increase over the next three decades, with its population forecast to grow by almost 25% to 322 million by 2050.


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