Indonesia, Malaysia discuss market access of livestock products


Indonesia’s Director General of Livestock & Animal Health Services, I Ketut Diarmita and Malaysia’s Director General of Veterinary Services Department, Dato’ Quaza Nizammudin bin Hassan Nizam have discussed the potential market for livestock trade between the two countries. Ade Zulkarnain, Chairman of the Indonesian Local Poultry Farmers Association (Himpuli), who joined the meeting, told Asian Agribiz that Malaysia is seeking market access for leather, condensed milk and duck meat in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Indonesia expects to be able to export commercial native DOC, commercial layer DOD and wagyu beef to Malaysia. “I hope Sumber Unggas and Putra Perkasa Genetika are ready to export their native DOC and layer DOD to Malaysia, respectively. A team from Malaysia will inspect their farms for veterinary requirements including avian influenza free status,” said Mr Zulkarnain. In addition, Santosa Agrindo is interested in exporting export wagyu beef to Malaysia.


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