Indonesia May Import Rice If Not Intervening on Price in Markets


Indonesia is threatened to import rice if it does not intervene on prices in the Indonesian market. It is believed to threaten food resiliency programs.

"If not immediately done the solution related to rice polemic, especially price increase, as time goes by Indonesia can import rice," said Eko Listiyanto, Vice Director of Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef), to reporters in Jakarta, Monday (7/31/2017).

Rice polemic occurring currently is because rice price continues to rise. "Meanwhile the government cannot intervene on the price, the concept of HPP [government purchase price] is not able to reduce it," he said.

In fact, the new pattern of fixing the price of rice at IDR9,000 per kilogram also caused more noise. Thus, making the government more panic, which then revoked the rules.

"This danger is what makes us suspect, if not immediately sought the way out, then Indonesia has the potential to import rice permanently," said Eko repeating.


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