Indonesia to be world’s largest wheat importer


Indonesia is set to be the world’s largest wheat importer as the country’s drive for self-sufficiency in corn has led to shifts in its overseas purchases. According to USDA’s latest estimates, Indonesia is expected to import 12.5 million tonnes for the 2017-2018 marketing year, surpassing Egypt. “Indonesia is now the leading global wheat importer,” said USDA. The rise in wheat imports comes as wheat demand for food and feed is rising.

Consumers are eating more bread and noodles, pushing up demand, but the main reason for wheat imports has been the government’s policies to protect local corn production. Import restrictions on corn have pushed the price of feed higher, forcing importers to turn to wheat. “Even though there are feed wheat import restrictions, lower-priced milling wheat is still an affordable ingredient to process into feed rations,” said USDA. Competitively priced wheat from Russia and other Black Sea producers continues to put pressure on high-quality suppliers such as Canada.


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