Indonesia Trade Minister Ensures Stable Price of Rice by Ramadan


Indonesia Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita ensures that the price of medium quality rice in Indonesia is stable, especially until the upcoming Ramadan month.

"We have had a teleconference with all Head of Division of Logistics Agency or Bulog, as well as Head of Trade Service from various provinces, to ensure stable rice price in Ramadan," he told reporters after leading teleconference at Bulog office branch in East Java, Surabaya, on Thursday (04/18).

Enggartiasto explained that the highest retail price (HET) of medium quality rice is IDR9,450 per kilogram (kg). In the teleconference, the Minister received reports in several regions that the price of medium rice was still above the highest retail price, such as in Jakarta, and East Java, among others.

"However, the average price of medium quality rice in various regions is in line with the highest retail price. In Aceh, South Sulawesi, and Jambi, the price is below the highest retail price," he said.

Meanwhile, the price of medium quality rice in some areas to this day (19/4) is still above the HET. The Minister of Trade encourages medium quality rice prices to be in line with the highest retail price starting tomorrow (04/20).

"I am sure that starting tomorrow the prices of medium rice in all regions of Indonesia are all in line with the HET," he said.

In addition, Minister Enggartiasto has ensured adequate rice supply up to the holy month of Ramadan. "The stock of rice for the whole of Indonesia is safe for an average of four to five months," he said.

The Minister of Trade ensures there will be no hoarding of rice by certain individuals and businesses during the holy month of Ramadan.

"If there is a cartel that tries to affect rice prices in any way, we already have a Food Task Force Team that will immediately take action," he said.


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