Inflation keeps slowing down in Ukraine


In August 2016, consumer market prices dropped by 0.3% in contrast to July 2016. However, the inflation rate is 4.5% in annual terms, as confirmed by the summary data from the Ukrainian State Statistics Service.

The largest decline (10.6%) was recorded in vegetable prices. Footwear dropped in price by 4.5%, clothing - by 2.5%. In contrast to July 2016, eggs increased in price by 1.3%, tobacco and alcoholic products - by 2.4%.

Public utility services went up by 0.7% (mainly, due to a 10.3% increase in wastewater disposal tariff rates and an 8.7% rise in water supply tariff rates).

In general, passenger transport fare increased in price by 0.2% compared to July, which resulted from a 1.7% rise in air services and a 0.3% rise in motor vehicle services. In addition, fuel and lubricating materials increased in price by 0.2%.




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