Intensification of trade relations between Bangladesh and the Emirates


The volume of trade between the 2 countries represents about 1 billion USD but Bangladesh estimates that it can raise it to 5 billion USD within the next 3 to 4 years.
Trade has increased since the trade agreement in 1984 between the two countries but could increase further, notably with new export opportunities for agricultural products.
Economic indicators are positive (+ 7.2% growth expected this year) in Bangladesh and the country plans to increase its agricultural production. Foodstuffs (vegetables, fruits, fruit juices) are at the top of the country's exports to the Emirates and continues to grow.
To reduce the time and cost of transport a direct line between Dubai and the port of Chittagong is necessary. Opportunities would multiply with the United Arab Emirates as a gateway to serve millions of consumers in the Middle East.

Already a regular exhibitor on GULFOOD, Bangladesh plans to organize an event in the United Arab Emirates to promote its products in the region.


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