Iran is among the biggest buyers of Romanian corn in May


According to port data, in May 2018 Romanian traders shipped 228.5 KMT of corn, which was 128% higher than in May 2017. Key buyers of the reporting month were: Iran – 102 KMT, Spain – 47 KMT, Turkey – 34.6 KMT, UK – 30 KMT.

Thus, over September-May 2017/18 Romania increased corn exports through ports to 3094 KMT (+40.8% y/y), which exceeded total exports of last season - 2350 KMT.
Spain continues to remain the largest importer of Romanian corn this season. Over September-May 2017/18 Spanish imports of corn reached 1230 KMT, which was 330% higher than over the same period last season. Last season Egypt was number one on that list (332.9 KMT over September-May 2016/17), but over the reporting period the country was not among the importers of Romanian corn.

Second largest buyer is Italy, which imported seven times more corn from Romania – 381.9 KMT (53.3 KMT). Higher import activity is seen from Lebanon – 269.4 KMT (211 KMT). Turkish interest to Romanian corn remains strong – 265.4 KMT (+114% compared to imports over September-May 2016/17). Iran is back to Romanian market - 225.5 KMT (63 KMT). UK imported 223.3 KMT against just 15 KMT over the same period last season.



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