Iran resumed sunseed imports from Kazakhstan


In May 2017, Kazakh sunseed exports hit a new high for this month: 21.6 KMT. At the same time, they decreased 12.5% from April 2017.

The export statistics for the nine months of MY 2016/17 continue showing record results for this time: over 197 KMT, or up almost 41% year-on-year.

The bulk of Kazakh sunseed exports (over 51% of their total) are shipped to the neighboring Uzbekistan. China, having reduced sunseed purchases to 83.1 KMT, retains a market share of over 40%. In addition, Kazakh exporters resumed sunseed supplies to Iran. While these purchases were occasional before and the parcel size was minimum, exports have grown to 3.7 KMT over the last two months.

Assessing the 2016/17 trends, it can be concluded that sunseed exports from Kazakhstan will most likely total at least 250 KMT this season, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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