Iraq makes no purchases yet in 30,000 T rice tender


Iraq’s state grains board is still considering offers for its international tender to buy at least 30,000 tonnes of rice and no purchase has been made yet, European traders said on Monday.

The tender closed on Feb. 18 with offers valid until Feb. 22.

Rice from Thailand was offered at the lowest price of a $464.95 a tonne c&f free out and rice from the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and India was also offered in the tender, traders said.

The volume of the lowest offer was unclear but said to be at least 40,000 tonnes. Another offer for 40,000 tonnes of Thai rice was made at $474.50 a tonne c&f free out.

One offer was made for 30,000 tonnes of rice from the United States at $739 a tonne c&f free out.

Argentine rice was offered at $565 and $595 a tonne free out, each for 30,000 tonnes.

Rice from Uruguay was offered at $590 c&f free out by two separate trading houses, both offering 30,000 tonnes and two offers of 30,000 tonnes of rice from Paraguay were offered at $570 and $572 a tonne c&f free out.

Two offers were made for Indian rice at $560 and $565 a tonne c&f free out each for 40,000 tonnes.

Volumes in Iraq’s tenders are nominal and the country can buy more than requested in the tender.

In its last reported tender Jan. 7, Iraq purchased around 30,000 tonnes from Argentina.


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