Japan. Shortage of potato chips due to a lack of potatoes


In Japan, the market leader in potato chips and fries has suspended production and sales of a dozen varieties ... due to a lack of potatoes.
Last summer potato production on Hokkaido Island was affected by typhoons. Rains, floods, production fell sharply in this region where 80% of Japanese potatoes were grown. Since then, fresh potato crops have recovered, but not those for processed products, which account for 30% of production.
Due to lack of raw materials, CALBEE INC. the market leader has decided to suspend certain flavors and varieties. With the disappearance in store of these products, consumers have blown up prices on the internet. Thus a pack of "Pizza Potato" taste sells 6 times its usual price and is about 9.20 euros.(US $ 10.3)
The Department of Agriculture expects that shortage will continue until next harvest that will begin in September on Hokkaido Island.


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