Jordan increased wheat purchases from Romania


According to available data, in April 2016 Romania continued to export high volumes of wheat - 387 KMT against 383.7 KMT in the previous month (208.5 KMT in April 2015). Still, despite record high March and nearly record April shipments, total volume exported this season (July-April) is 16.5% behind  volumes exported during the same period of 2014/15 (3849 KMT against 4609.97 KMT) due to the decreasing share of Egyptian imports.

Thus, since the beginning of the season (July-April) Egypt purchased 1125.7 KMT of wheat, which is 21% lower than over the same period of 2014/15 (1426.8 KMT).

Meanwhile, during July-April Jordan purchased more wheat than over the whole last season – 667 KMT against 654.7 KMT.

According to preliminary estimates, May volumes will be a new record for this month due to the high deliveries in the destinations of Egypt, Jordan and Ethiopia.

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