Kazakh peas lost the Turkish market


Although the crop of peas in Kazakhstan increased substantially in 2017, their exports have started sinking. The reasons include both intensifying competition among exporters of this crop and weaker foreign demand, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Kazakhstan exported some 20.2 KMT of peas in the first seven months of 2017/18 (September-March) that is more than four times less than it supplied abroad last marketing year.

Turkey, which was the main export destination for Kazakh peas before, is now fully switched to purchases from Russia and Ukraine. So, Kazakhstan has lost its top pea buyer; only minor importers are still left.

Both Ukraine and Russia received bumper pea crops in 2017, thus export potential in these countries increased considerably.

For the same reason, Kazakh pea exports to the EU also decreased. So, pea deliveries from Ukraine to the European Union expanded more than five times in September-March against the same period in MY 2016/17.

Ukraine during the first ten months of the 2017/18 season exported already up 50% from the whole of MY 2016/17 and an all-time high for Ukrainian pea exports. Thus, Ukraine has already almost fully realized its pea export potential for the current season

Russia seems unlikely to fully realize its export potential, i.e. to sell out its domestic pea surplus. Nevertheless, this is also a record export volume for Russia.

Regarding the outlook for the upcoming 2018/19 season, all indications are that the Black Sea region will continue increasing its role in the world pea market.

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