Kazakh sunoil exports to China doubled


The current 2016/17 season continues witnessing record shipments of the Kazakh product abroad, reports UkrAgroConsult. So, exports exceeded 30 KMT in the nine months of MY 2016/17 that is up 66% year-on-year (18.3 KMT).

3.1 KMT of sunoil was supplied to foreign markets from Kazakhstan in May 2017, or 9.5% less than in the previous month. This amount was almost 2.5 times higher than in May 2016 (1.3 KMT).

In view of Kazakhstan’s policy of expanding oilseed plantings and the increase in crushing capacities, the nation should be expected to keep consolidating its position in the foreign sunoil trade.

The current 2016/17 season features growth of Kazakh sunoil deliveries to China (18.2 KMT against 9 KMT a year ago), Tajikistan (6.5 KMT against 2.9 KMT) and Afghanistan (3.1 KMT against 0.7 KMT). These countries combined absorb over 90% of total exports.



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