Kazakhstan almost doubled linseed exports


2009 may be considered as the beginning of active linseed production in Kazakhstan. Accordingly, since that time Kazakhstan has been increasing linseed exports meeting the consistently high demand for this crop, including from the main importer - the European Union.

At present time, despite some reduction in oilseeds acreage, Kazakhstan competes in the global market, remaining among top 10 largest producers of this oil crop. Ukraine and Russia are the main competitors of Kazakhstan.

In May 2016 linseed exports from Kazakhstan reached 24 KMT against 16 KMT in April 2016 and 15 KMT in May 2015. Since the beginning of the current season (September-May) linseed exports amounted to 215.0 KMT compared with 125 KMT during the same period last season and reached the level of season 2013/14.

EU countries are the largest consumers of Kazakh linseed accounting for 70-75% of total exports. The geography of linseed exports has expanded during the last three seasons. Moreover, new markets were opened in Europe (Slovenia and Slovakia), and Asia (Mongolia and China).




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