Kazakhstan cannot realize its grain export potential


Although more than half the grain season in Kazakhstan is already over, the pace of grain exports from the country is still incomparable with achieving its export potential. Like in the case of Russia, this season’s five-year highest grain crop in Kazakhstan does not yet imply record export shipments. Remarkably, the situation is similar to the Russian one even regarding staple crops, UkrAgroConsult notes.

So, barley exports fell substantially in 2016/17 season despite an 18% gain in this crop’s production in the country. Kazakhstan exported 26% less barley in the first seven months of the current marketing year (September 2016 – March 2017) than at the same time a year ago.

Thus, Kazakh barley exports for the whole season will surely fail to exceed last year’s level.

The situation with wheat exports is somewhat better, but it nevertheless falls short of expectations. The current season started with a rapid pace of wheat exports from the country, but it held out for only three months and has already slowed down to last year’s level.

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