Kazakhstan-China: the first rape oil plant has been launched


Chinese corporation Aiju sponsored a KZT 5 Bl-worth rape oil production project of LLC Tayinsha May in North Kazakhstan region, reports UkrAgroConsult.

“We chose Kazakhstan because of clean air, clean land, clean water and correspondingly natural production, which we want by no means spoil because this product’s value lies entirely in its cleanness. At last, we can sell this product in the Chinese market easily and at a higher price. At the moment, the plant’s design capacity is 1 KMT a day and 300 KMT a year. This is raw material processing,” Tayinsha May CEO Fang Lun Fei added.

According to the report, the plant has processed 5 KMT of feedstock since its launch. In addition, 400 MT of sunoil and 1.6 KMT of rape oil were produced in July 2017. Also, it is projected to purchase 100-150 KMT of rapeseed and sunseed from farmers in North-Kazakhstan region.

Reportedly, roughly USD 15 Ml or KZT 5 Bl was invested in the construction at the first stage and oilseed plantings in the region were expanded by 280 Th ha. Also, the plant has already exported 2 KMT of rape oil to China.



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