Kazakhstan doubled rapeseed exports in 2016/17 season


Kazakhstan exported 64.5 KMT of rapeseed in MY 2016/17, or almost twice as much as last season. Export shipments had been falling since the 2013/14 season due to a corresponding trend in this oilseed’s production. Apart from the crop increase, the 2016/17 decline in oilseed crushing resulted in higher exportable rapeseed stocks in Kazakhstan, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The end market for Kazakh rapeseed is rather narrow – it includes just seven countries.  At the same time, certain changes took place in the 2016/17 range of export destinations. Mongolia resumed rapeseed purchases from Kazakhstan and became the top importer with a 46% export share. Iran and Latvia stepped up purchases and currently hold market shares of 25% and 20%, respectively. At the same time, Poland’s interest in buying Kazakh rapeseed declined considerably.



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