Kazakhstan expanding markets for its soybeans


Kazakhstan is planning to begin soybean supplies to China. A protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Kazakh soybean exports to China has been signed to date, informs UkrAgroConsult. This was reported in China’s Main state department of technical and quarantine control over goods quality. China is going to process all the Kazakh soybeans.

UkrAgroConsult notes that in Kazakhstan, soybeans are grown mostly in Almaty region. The region’s planted acreage reaches 105.3 Th ha. The Ag Ministry says it is projected to expand soybean plantings to 150 Th ha by 2020. At the moment, up to 10% of the 200 KMT harvest is shipped for export. The range of export destinations confines itself to five countries, with Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan still remaining at the top of the list.

Obviously, Kazakhstan will not become a serious competitor to the key soybean suppliers to China – the USA, Brazil and Argentina – but it will make an important step towards diversifying its markets under an agriculture development program.




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