Kazakhstan exported more than 1.7 MMT of wheat flour


Current Kazakh wheat flour exports exceed last year volumes. In May 2016 Kazakhstan exported 188.1 KMT, which is 46% more than in May 2015.

Since the beginning of 2015/16 (September 2015 – May 2016) Kazakhstan exported 1702.6 KMT of wheat flour against 1692.7 KMT over the whole 2014/15.

In 2015/16 Afghanistan will import record high volume of Kazakh wheat. Over the reporting period 913 KMT was exported in this destination, which is 38% more than over the same period of 2014/15. Previous record was set in 2009/10 when Afghanistan imported 1054.4 KMT of Kazakh wheat flour. In 2015/16 half of the Kazakh wheat flour was exported to Afghanistan.

China and Mongolia continue to increase higher volumes, though in smaller amounts than Afghanistan.

Thus, China bought 4.81 KMT against 1.25 KMT in the previous season. Mongolia increased purchases to 7.86 KMT against 3.33 KMT.



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