Kazakhstan increased wheat bran exports by 34%


Together with higher wheat flour exports, Kazakhstan is increasing wheat bran exports as well. In May 2016 Kazakhstan exported 18.6 KMT of wheat brans, which was 43% higher than in May 2015 (13 KMT).

Since the beginning of season wheat bran exports grew by 33.6% to 149.4 KMT with Uzbekistan as a key importer (almost 90% of total exports). Exports grew in the destination of Turkey – 9.6 KMT against 0.7 KMT over the whole 2014/15. Exports lowered in the destination of Iran – 5.4 KMT against 11.4 KMT in 2014/15.

According to UkrAgroConsult estimates, in 2015/16 total wheat bran exports from Kazakhstan will equal more than 180 KMT against 138 KMT in 2014/15.




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