Kazakhstan increasing wheat deliveries to Italy


Wheat exports from Kazakhstan dropped to 361.9 KMT in December 2016 – down 17% from the same month a year ago, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Nonetheless, the country exported 17% more wheat in the four months of 2016/17 than in the same period in the previous season (1585.2 KMT against 1349.8 KMT in September-December 2015/16).

Following Iran’s ban on wheat imports, Kazakhstan has been increasing deliveries of its wheat to other key and traditional markets: the neighboring Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

So, in the period under review, Kazakh exporters stepped up wheat shipments to Uzbekistan by 32%, Tajikistan by 25% and Afghanistan by 15%. Active Kazakh wheat shipments also continue to the EU market, mostly to Italy. Kazakhstan exported roughly 99.2 KMT of wheat to the European Union from September through December 2016/17 against 36.6 KMT at the same time last season.



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