Kazakhstan. Night frosts posed no threat to wheat and barley


Favorable conditions for growth and development of winter wheat were observed in the south and south-east of Kazakhstan from May 11-20, when rainfalls replenished soil moisture content.

Winter wheat is at the stages of tillering to heading, even at flowering in South Kazakhstan region. The state of winter wheat is mostly in good and excellent condition, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Planting of spring cereals started all over grain growing areas in the northern half of Kazakhstan from May 11-20. The planting conditions developed mostly favorably, precipitation occurrences somewhat replenished soil moisture content.

Where sown in early May, spring cereals are at the stages of emergence to three leaves. Their condition is primarily good.

Night frosts to minus 1-3˚С in western, eastern and central areas, locally to minus 5˚C in the north, posed no threat to emerged wheat and barley seedlings in early-sown fields.

Moderately warm weather, locally with above-normal precipitation, favored growth and development of spring cereals in the south of the country. Spring barley is in good condition, being at the stages of three leaves to lower stem node. Spring wheat is at the stages of emergence to tillering, its plants are in good condition.

According to Kazakhstan’s Ag Ministry, spring spiked cereals were sown on an area of 11.5 Mln ha as of May 29, 2017 (80.3% of the plan) that is 6% less than at the same time last year (12.2 Mln ha or 83.4% of the plan).

As of the reporting date, corn plantings already totaled 121.3 Th ha (85.8% of the plan) and rice plantings were at 99 Th ha (107%).

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