Kazakhstan. Oilseed inventories up 48% from last year


The Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports that oilseed stocks totaled 385 KMT as of July 1, 2017, or 47.8% more than last year (up 124.5 KMT from 260.5 KMT as of July 1, 2016).

Stocks of individual oilseeds underwent structural changes. So, sunseed availabilities doubled against last year (+104.7 KMT) to 208.8 KMT, linseed stocks increased 22.7% (+19.1 KMT) to 103.4 KMT, and soybean stocks are up 16% (+4.9 KMT) at 35.7 KMT. The remaining stocks of rapeseed decreased 25.6% to 21.5 KMT against 28.9 KMT a year ago.




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