Kazakhstan. Planting of cereals lags far behind last year due to the late arrival of spring


This year’s late oncoming of spring in Kazakhstan somewhat delayed seasonal field work. In addition, planting was postponed in some regions because of abundant precipitation and consequent soil waterlogging. Thus, spring planting in 2017 is carried out later than usual, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to Kazakhstan’s Ag Ministry, spring spiked cereals were sown on an area of 388.7 Th ha as of May 6, 2017 (2.8% of the plan) that is three and a half times less than at the same time last year (1319.2 Th ha or 9% of the plan).

It is also worth noting that, according to Kazakhstan’s Ag Ministry, the projected planted area of  spring spiked cereals is 5% smaller than last year (13900.8 Th ha against 14628.6 Th ha in 2016). Also, Kazakh farmers have started sowing of corn and rice. As of the reporting date, corn plantings already totaled 42.6 Th ha (30.1% of the plan) and rice plantings were at 30 Th ha (32.4%).

According to the Ag Ministry’s plan, the country’s corn acreage will expand by 3.4% to 141.4 Th ha in 2017 with rice plantings up 1.9% at 92.5 Th ha.

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